Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Designer's Kitchen Renovation

Oh the fun of kitchen renovations!  My original plan was to post the day to day steps of renovating my kitchen. However, 2 weeks into the project, the automatic shut off valve for our furnace malfunctioned and my life quickly turned into a renovation nightmare.  I decided at that point, maybe I should wait until we progress a little further so that I do not scare off any readers who are considering renovating their kitchens. So now my blog will read like a Quentin Tarantino movie.  Start from the middle somewhat closer to the end, add bits and pieces of the beginning and then a big finish where the whole movie now makes total and complete sense.  My husband's new saying was "We're back".  I am assuming that means back on track after the living room flood. And although, my life resembled one of the characters on the show Hoarders, Buried Alive, the light at the end of the tunnel is at least a glimmer.

Kitchen renovations are not for the weak of heart, especially when your home is an old girl like ours.  It's messy, unsettling, displacing and down right aggravating.  One never knows what lurks behind the walls, pipes, electrical, support structures, etc. In our case, we weren't able to order our cabinetry prior to the rip out, because of the uncertainty.  Although, I will never openly admit this to my husband/contractor, "It was best that we waited, our cabinetry order would have been completely wrong and we would have wasted thousands of dollars because of it". So the moral of that story is listen to your contractor's suggestions about ordering the cabinetry.  

All good design starts with a floor plan. Once a kitchen floor plan is developed, a wish list of appliances, cabinets and finishes can be made based on budget and square footage.