Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Silver Anniversary Celebration" at the Showhouse

Well, it’s a wrap!  The Mansion in May 2012 Showhouse has come and gone and we wanted to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who visited. Also, my gratitude to everyone, my staff, our contractor, vendors and workrooms whose talents and products helped transform Mrs. Allen’s Room from a vision into a reality.

For those of you who could not attend this extraordinary mansion, here is the after photo of our “Silver Anniversary Celebration” for Mrs. Allen’s Master Bedroom. 

Tons of planning goes into designing a showhouse.  Often we are asked about what goes on behind the scenes, from ‘How are you selected to participate?’ to ‘Does everything that you designed stay in the room?’  For those of you who are curious, our behind the scene looks a little like this:

First we are invited to tour the Showhouse in October to select the rooms that we might be interested in designing.  Then, approximately one month later, the designers submit their design concepts and presentation boards (up to three rooms) for the design committee’s review and selection.  Finally, in December, the designers are notified if they have been selected and asked to participate in the show house.  It is a nerve-wrecking process, but such an honor to be asked to participate.  

Because most of the selections are done at the preliminary phase with our presentation boards, the next few weeks and months are dedicated to ordering the proposed furniture, fabric and wallcovering.  Not to mention the endless shopping for the perfect lighting, rugs, mirrors, artwork and accessories.  On or about February 1st our contractors begin the arduous tasks of transforming our spaces into the designer’s vision.  For our space that included plaster repair, installation of molding and wall covering (on our ceiling!) and painting, as well as re-finishing the floors, which were in terrible disrepair. If all goes well, which it never does, (there are always issues with backordered fabrics, out of stock accessories and the hunt for the perfect replacements) we install at our designated day which is usually a week or two prior to the opening night gala. And like magic the Mansion is transformed! 

Finally it comes down to the unveiling of the showhouse to the public for the entire month of May. After it’s all said and done the showhouse takes about 8 months in total from the initial invitation to the final cleanup and un-installtion of the room. Although it is a hectic time, after the ups and downs the results are well worth the effort and truly something to celebrate. 

This Mansion was particularly special, seeing that Glynallyn is a historic Tudor Mansion located in Morristown. Built in 1917, the mansion, which the NY Times stated as “the finest example of Tudor Architecture in the United States”, was exceedingly well attended.  28,000 visitors waited on lines up to two hours long to view the house and gardens. It was a huge success! As always, the Women’s Association of Morristown Memorial Hospital did an outstanding job and their dedication is awe-inspiring. Once again, I am honored to have been selected to participate in this important showhouse.

Photography By: Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

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